The following items are statistical references related to the participation of women in science, engineering, trades and technology students and professionals throughout Canada.

(2010) Women in Science and Engineering in Canada – Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada 2010 Report contains statistics, literature compilation and initiative summaries

(2016) Women in Apprenticeships 2013

(2016) Women in the SETT Workforce and Society

CAUT Almanac (2014-2015) – Documents the most current statistics on post-secondary education in Canada (students, faculty, universities, colleges, some data by gender)

Percent Women in Canadian Work Force 1996, 2006, 2011

Women in Canada 2010-2011: A Gender-based Statistical Report, 6th edition, Statistics Canada, 2012; Statistical Highlights

Women in Engineering in Canadian Universities (2014)

Women in the 2011 SETT Workforce Chart (National Household Survey) with 1996 and 2006 Census comparisons

Women Students in Post-Secondary Institutions