Self-Promotion: Your Way

When you are one of the under-represented groups at work, it is harder to self-promote; to have your story and accomplishments heard. You can and should self-promote authentically and effectively, to make sure your story is heard.

(And yes — it is possible! You can do it without bragging, exaggerating or putting others down. )

This 90-minute Online Skill Builder will be led by a professional WinSETT facilitator and include discussion, self-reflection, and experience-based learning. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the importance of effective self-promotion for performance for your SETT career
  • Practice a simple framework for self-promotion pitches
  • Identify how gender and virtual environment impact self-promotion
  • Explore self-promotion strategies in community with like-minded peers and allies

This Skill Builder is offered as a part of Series 1 (Winter 2022), Series 1 (Fall 2022) or can be purchased individually.

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This was a fantastic course -one that all young women should take when starting off their careers. I was extremely impressed and will recommend this to other women in my network.

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This online learning opportunity is limited to 35 participants (all genders). There must be a minimum number of attendees to proceed.