Fundamentals of Leading Change

The only thing constant in life is change. 

How we react to, manage and lead change directly impacts our success in our professional and personal lives whether it is a pandemic, the rapid pace of technology growth, globalization of companies, or the transitional knowledge-based economy. Being able to lead change effectively is a core leadership competency everyone needs in their toolkit.

Join WinSETT for this Live 90 minute Special Topic offered online(via Zoom) and be prepared for fantastic discussions, reflection, and experience-based learning.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore a model for leading change.
  • Practice a simple framework to embrace and lead change more effectively
  • Identify how gender can impact leading change
  • Explore opportunities for leading change in SETT workplaces

Great and educational seminar providing management knowledge that I can use in the company I work for.

Recent Participant

This online learning opportunity is limited to 35 participants (all genders). There must be a minimum number of attendees to proceed.

This online learning opportunity is made possible with the support of the NL Workforce Innovation Centre.