Exploring Communication Styles

People have different communication styles. To be an effective communicator, we first need to recognize our own style and then learn how to authentically adapt to the styles of others to get your message across by avoiding common communication challenges.

This live, 90-minute interactive Online Special Topic will be led by a professional WinSETT facilitator and include opportunities for discussion, self-assessment, and experience-based learning from others.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify 4 Communication Styles, including your own
  • Examine some communication stereotypes
  • Adapt your communication approach
  • Build your confidence as a communicator in SETT Workplaces

This Skill Builder is offered as a part of Series 2 (Winter 2022), Series 2 (Fall 2022) or can be purchased individually.

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Thanks for organizing a great event-it was very effective, and I will be sharing it with friends and colleagues!

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This online learning opportunity is limited to 35 participants (all genders). There must be a minimum number of attendees to proceed.

This online learning opportunity is made possible with the support of the NL Workforce Innovation Centre.