Series 1: Career Building Basics

You’ve got your schooling done (or you’re close) and you’re ready to launch into your career.  Now what?  Keep your growth and learning game in top gear with our Career Building Basics online skill builder series.  Or maybe you graduated a while ago and despite working hard, you’re not getting recognized for that next promotion.  You might have seen your peers move on to get new assignments, invitations and promotions and raises while you stay in one spot.  What’s happening?  You may be feeling stuck, and frustrated, or even starting to doubt yourself and wonder why you’re getting overlooked.  (Trust us, you’re NOT alone!).  

Over 5 consecutive weeks, you’ll get a rundown of the top skills needed to avoid the traps that most women fall into that limit their success and enjoyment of their SETT career.  You’ll gain awareness of the hidden factors that could hold you back, and learn hands-on strategies to navigate them and keep moving forward to success on YOUR terms.  Finally, you’ll learn from a cohort of peers who are also committed to their personal and professional growth, get the chance to network with them and learn from them.

Highly recommended for Science Engineering Trades and Technology students, recent grads, and early-to-mid career SETT professionals.  We highlight the unique challenges that women and other historically-excluded groups face in SETT workplaces, and recommend strategies that will change that landscape and allow everyone to contribute their greatest potential.  SETT women will benefit from this knowledge and their allies are welcome to join us!  All sessions are 90 minutes in length, run on Zoom, and are presented live by a knowledgeable and skilled facilitator who specializes in helping early to mid-career SETT women claim their power, and go get what they want out of their SETT career!  Bring your questions and prepare to connect with some great fellow learners from other industries and companies all across Canada.

All sessions are 1 – 2.30 pm ET, 3:30-4:00 pm EST, 12:00-1:30 pm CT, 11:00-12:30 pm MT, or 10:00-11:30 pm PT.  The Career Building Basics is 5 online sessions, each 90 minutes long, and for the 2021 fall semester:

  • Self Promotion Your Way, September 23    
  • Introduction to Negotiation, September 23
  • From Difficult to Effective Conversations, October 7
  • Navigating Workplace Politics, October 14
  • Mentors and Sponsors, October 21

We regret that we cannot reschedule or offer credits for sessions you cannot attend. Please purchase individual tickets for the sessions you would like if that works better for you.